Downloadable resources

Are you looking for more information on GoVerifyID and how it can assist you in creating the easiest, most secure, most comprehensive solution for multi-modal biometric authentication? We thought so. You’re in the right place.

GoVerifyID Sellsheet

Are you curious about what GoVerifyID can do for your company? This comprehensive pdf offers a clear, easy-to-understand overview. Download PDF (640k)

CA Integration Sellsheet

Learn how GoVerifyID seamlessly integrates with CA Single Sign-On in this easy-to-understand sellsheet. Download PDF (700k)

GoVerifyID Solution Brief

How to secure your assets and provide a convenient login experience. Download PDF (4MB)

GoVerifyID Datasheet

This tech spec sellsheet contains all the right information to help you decide how GoVerifyID will fit in with your company’s workflow today. Download PDF (900k)

Healthcare Solution

Learn how GoVerifyID can help you solve problems in the Healthcare industry with this comprehensive overview. Download PDF (760k)

Biometrics for Password Reset

How to secure and simplify your password reset process using GoVerifyID. Download PDF (4MB)

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