Introducing the first Enterprise-Ready, End-to-End Biometric Authentication for the Microsoft Ecosystem:

Secure your enterprise with cost-effective, biometric authentication without compromising agility, productivity, or user experience.

Protect intellectual property proprietary data.
Secure employees, stakeholders, and devices.
Increase security across your entire enterprise.
Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft ecosystem.
360º Authentication

True enterprise-wide biometric authentication for all stakeholders, in all circumstances, connected or disconnected.


Balances trust and agility; adapts quickly to new biometric technologies; is quick and easy to install, configure, manage, and use.

Cost Effective

Financed as OPEX rather than CAPEX. No startup fees and requires comparatively low installation and maintenance costs.

ImageWare GoVerifyID operates across all corporate systems, mobile devices, desktops, web applications, and enterprise networks to provide a highly secure, turnkey system that can be installed in an afternoon.

Multi-modal and multi-factor authentication seamlessly works with security measures you have in place, allows for biometric-enabled single sign-on, and requires no additional hardware.

ImageWare’s GoVerifyID Cloud component includes server arrays optimized to perform hundreds of millions of biometric authentications across hundreds of millions of identities in real-time. It is provided as a cloud SaaS making it quick to deploy and easy to maintain.

By installing our Microsoft Management Console Snap-in for Active Directory, you get seamless integration and centralized management for your Microsoft security ecosystem/infrastructure.


ImageWare GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite


The answer to an increasingly mobile workforce.

Secure. Mobile. Flexible.

  • Multi-modal biometric user authentication for logging into a laptop or tablet even when disconnected from the corporate network
  • Out-of-band, multi-modal biometric user authentication using smart devices (iOS/Android smartphones and tablets)
  • In-band biometric user authentication using any Windows Biometric Framework or compatible device
  • Seamlessly works with the corporate network and cloud
  • Synergy with the ImageWare GoVerifyID Server and Cloud components to extend the local biometric authentication

Breaking all barriers to widespread enterprise adoption.

Cost-Effective, Quick to Install. Easy to Manage.

  • Multi-modal biometric authentication easily managed centrally at the server using a Snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console
  • Secure high-value network endpoints and all network resources (servers, files, applications, databases, data and devices)
  • Integration with Active Directory to provide increased security using your existing Microsoft security infrastructure
  • Additional integration with Active Directory Federation Services to provide increased security for applications in the Microsoft Cloud (Azure, Office-365, Exchange Online) with Single Sign-On convenience
  • Biometric enrollment and authentication for unlimited populations
  • Seamless movement between Windows-based websites using Active Directory for credentialing
  • Flexibility to set biometric authentication to govern security requirements
  • Integration with standard Microsoft domain administration
  • Quick addition and subtraction of users individually or by security profiles (Active Directory Groups)
  • Authentication provides both in-band, using GoVerifyID Client, and out-of-band, using GoVerifyID Cloud

High assurance authentication for all enterprise stakeholders.

Infinite Scalability. Turnkey. Seamless Integration.

  • A highly scalable biometric engine that can store hundreds of millions of biometrics and process hundreds of millions of transactions
  • Anonymous transmission and storage of all biometric data ensures user privacy and security
  • Supports all biometric modalities current and future, in-band and out-of-band
  • Turnkey integration with Server and Client components
  • Standard interfaces for Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML), System for Cross-domain Identity Management 2.0 (SCIM), and OAuth 2.0. This allows organizations to easily integrate the cloud component with any application or service that supports these industry standards
  • Easy rebranding (white labeling) via standard HTML5 for organizations that desire company branding for the mobile authenticator
  • A fully open Software Development Kit (SDK) for organizations that require the utmost in flexibility
  • Turnkey mobile applications for biometric user authentication for iOS and Android devices

Ready to secure your logins, devices, data, and transactions with biometric security? Let’s chat.

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Seamless Security

Microsoft Ecosystem Integration

  • Easily and seamlessly operates with your existing Microsoft ecosystem/infrastructure to support your extended workforce
  • Protects your corporate network from end-to-end
  • Secures applications and data on the client, server, and cloud
  • Provides flexible user login policies, such as the end user choosing a single biometric or the corporation requiring multiple biometrics for more sensitive use cases
  • Leverages the hardware that you already have
  • Works with the smart devices that your workforce already has
  • Employs authentication techniques well known to your extended workforce (face, fingerprint, and/or voice)
  • Deploys quickly and easily as a SaaS solution with centralized integration to your Microsoft ecosystem/infrastructure
  • Provides flexible authentication policies while significantly increasing security